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Generally speaking, if you are in the business of producing things, there is a good chance that you will use or should use thermoforming to make some of these things. In our production plant, we have three thermoforming machines with working dimensions: 600x700mm, 1100x600mm, and 2000x1000mm.

Thermoformed plastic is ideal for a wide range of applications.
The advantage of thermoforming is huge and plastic products can be produced in different thicknesses. We are able to vacuum plastic foils or plates with a thickness of 0.10 mm to 10 mm. Thermoformed plastic plates can be formed in three ways: vacuum molded, double molded and pressure molded.

Vacuum prototypes are affordable and customizable
Affordable prototype development is an advantage of thermoforming. Prototype molds are relatively inexpensive and can be easily modified to ensure that accurate finished dimensions are achieved before creating a more durable mold.

The thermoformed plastic tool is fast and economical
Saving on tool costs compared to other production processes is an advantage of thermoforming. The process of heating the plastic plates through the mold enables a smooth final surface, regardless of the size of the finished product. No painting required due to the pre-painting of thermoplastic panels. Compared to wood, metal, or other materials, thermoformed plastic shines or is matte. Contact us for more information.

Vacum Tech - proces vakumskog termoformiranja plastike
Vacum Tech - primer termoformiranog vakumata
Vacum Tech - 3D modelovanje - vakumsko termoformiranje plastike

3D Modeling


Every vacuum thermoforming project starts with a design. Thermoformed plastic is usually used as part of a larger product. It is often (though certainly not always) the outer protective and aesthetic cover of a piece of equipment. Whatever it is used for, most thermoformed plastic products start as a CAD model or drawing. Mostly when clients come to us with their CAD file, our engineers work with the customer to perfect the model to a shape that will fit our plastic manufacturing process well.

When there is no 3D CAD model, we can use the help of a 3D scanner to make an identical copy of the product. We can also use a 3D scanner to control the dimensions and determine the tolerances of the final product.

CNC machining


Technologically advanced 3 and 5 axis CNC machines ensure precise cutting repetition. Modern software allows us to create CNC programs based on the received 3D CAD model.

Once a piece of plastic is thermoformed, there is still a piece of original material to be processed. At Vacum Tech, we use fully robotic trimmers with 3 and 5 axes that can quickly cut complex and precise shapes, resulting in faster production times and more accurate and flexible cutting. Our robots also perform secondary operations such as cutouts, holes, and other features that require material removal.

Vacum Tech - CNC obrada - termoformiranje plastike
Vacum Tech - Farbanje vakumata

Final treatment


After the custom plastic piece is thermoformed and processed, that is not the end of the story. At Vacum Tech, we offer many secondary operations, including painting, screen printing, EMI / RFI protection, installation of inserts, and other devices for fastening and mounting hinges, handles, and other hardware.

Combined with our proven supply chain management, our services enable the entire product cycle code to be “In house”. Customers thus get the finished component and are fully ready to integrate with the rest of their production process.

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