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Using the most modern design tools, we have been able to satisfy the needs and wishes of our clients for many years.

Our company also offers design services for all types of technical vacuum and blister packaging. The Vacum Tech design team is always ready to offer the best conceptual solutions to our potential clients and deliver three-dimensional models of the desired items as soon as possible.

  • From idea to serial production in record time!
  • Lower prototype price
  • High quality fine product details
  • Possibility of painting, engraving and branding
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Vacum Tech - Vakumski termoformirani plasticni deo za medicinski uredjaj
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From idea to productin 4 steps


Vacuum thermoforming has multiple advantages over the injection molding method.


3D model

It all starts with an idea. Our engineers create a 3D model of the part to the smallest detail.


Tool making

We create the tool with the most suitable method, according to which the product will be formed.



Material preparation, batch planning, and vacuum forming of plastic products using our machines.


CNC machining

Finishing with CNC machines for engraving, cavity cuts, and branding needs.

Thermoforming tools


Prototype molds are relatively inexpensive and can be easily modified to ensure that accurate finished dimensions are achieved before creating a more durable mold.

With many years of experience in the field of vacuum thermoforming of plastics, we have perfected the production of tools from the following materials:

  • Aluminum
  • Alucobond
  • Epoxy resin
  • Mediapan
  • Necuron
Vacum Tech - Alati za vakumsko termoformiranje, termo oblikovanje

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Always ready for new technical challenges, to make your product shine in the best way.

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